Mad Men

Saw this weekend in the NYT Magazine – aka, Slate Static – that Virginia Heffernan, who I believe was the NYT TV critic, has started a transmedia column blog called The Medium. But she doesn’t call it “transmedia.” She doesn’t start by wheeling out Henry Jenkins. She doesn’t talk about web comics or MMORPG. And she never mentions The Matrix. In other words, it’s a transmedia column for non-geeks – and I think it’ll work really well.

The first column tackles the issue of “absorption,” which is at the heart of transmedia storytelling and media convergence: why do we spend so much time getting so sucked into these rabbit holes? There’s a heartwarming story about her mom in the column, and the whole thing is very relatable – which is the whole point. Heffernen has found a way to explain new media convergence to people like her mom. I’m jealous.

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