… be sure it’s Leigh Alexander’s write-up of actual New Yorkers anticipating the launch of the game.

The staff supervisor at the Spanish Harlem Game Express goes by the alias “Dragon,” and he says he’s the go-to guy within his broad network of friends for news on the latest games. For the past several weeks though, he says, his friends, neighbors and customers have only been interested in one title.

“Everywhere I go, people want to know about GTA and what they can do in the game,” Dragon says. In his store, he’s taped several signs in every line of sight that point out GTA IV’s release date, so that people will stop coming in and asking him. Dragon also showed us “sold out” signs he made in advance, just to be prepared.

He says his customers are especially excited to play GTA in light of the Sean Bell verdict — the judge’s vote in favor of the police has not found much support in Spanish Harlem, to say the least. “GTA lets them do the stuff they can’t do in real life,” Dragon says. “Like, ‘this one’s for Sean Bell,'” he adds, imitating a beat-down in mid-air.

Bet the NYT is kicking itself for not thinking of this angle.

I only started playing last night. I’m still buried in The World Ends With You, which is actually a surprisingly good handheld complement …

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