So, I’ve been busy lately. In addition to editing Kill Screen Magazine, where we’re about to ship our fourth (and possibly best) issue, I’ve been working on a game writing project. They just announced it yesterday, so I’m pleased to post that I’m one of the writers on Blue Fang Games’ Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, coming to Facebook on February 9. You can read more here. I worked on it with Rob Dubbin and Jay Katsir of The Colbert Report, although you may also know Dubbin as a regular writer at Kill Screen, and a designer of interactive fiction, and a bunch of other stuff. Dude does a little of everything.

I was focused on location clues – e.g., writing the hints that lead you to the next city. If you’ve seen me lately hunched over a stack of Lonely Planet guides at the Portsmouth Library with Atlas Obscura and a Google Doc spreadsheet on my screen, this is why.

It was a great experience overall. I love the folks at Blue Fang – they’re super-talented, super-professional and super-fun. I learned a hell of a lot – about writing, about working on a game, about stress and fatigue. It was a lot of work. Let me rephrase that: it was a lot of work. I always knew that you game industry people were busy, and you had crunch times and late night pizza and whatever. But now I get it. And I was just a part-timer.

So, with that done and a few other projects put to bed, I can take a break. Start working on my next short story (which is going to be a futuristic romantic comedy thing, I’ve already started it, it’s going to be awesome). Work on another game. And start work on the next issue of Kill Screen.

And sleep, and play video games, and read a book, and talk to my wife, and …

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