Hey, so, a couple of updates.

Kill Screen’s latest issue, Sound, was my final issue. I will no longer be editing the magazine, although I’ll probably be a contributor. There’s no real story or drama here – this was just the best time to move on. It was a challenging and awesome experience, and it gave me the chance to work with the best writers in the business. So, for all that, I’m incredibly grateful.

I recently wrote a piece for the Kill Screen website about my experience ghostwriting a blog for the fictional character Rachael Webster, aka PixelVixen707. The essay took me about a year and a half to finish. And good timing, because the original PixelVixen707.com site recently disappeared off the Internet. I don’t know if Smith and Tinker took it down on purpose, or if someone over there just needs to reboot a web server, but all of the content I wrote seems to be offline. Lucky for me I took a back-up …

In other news, I’m writing for a game that should be announced soon, and I’m working on a few short stories. I’m sending around a sci-fi romantic comedy that’s gotten a little interest, and hey, I like it, so if nobody buys it, I’ll just post it here.

I’m also wrapping up a 5,000 word essay on Dark Souls, ha ha, so that should be up here later this week.

All in all, this was a hell of a year, both good and bad. I wish I had resolutions lined up for next year, but once again I think it’ll go: write, publish, edit, code, support friends, get out more, stay in shape. There, that’s a good list.

Happy New Year to you all!

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