New gig, new venue – I just started a monthly column at the excellent Unwinnable, and the subject is my kid, and the way he plays videogames. I’ve been thinking about doing a “gaming dad” column ever since my son and I played our first game together (it was Machinarium), and in my Edge Online column from a couple years back, I tackled a few examples of the jealousy, violence, and learning that we experienced together in front of the screen. With this new column, I want to gain insight into the mind of a small child. Other parents are the natural audience, but it will also be relatable to everyone – to all of us, young and old, who still have an intemperate seven-year-old inside of us.

Check it out! And let me know what you think. If I get too cute, feel free to slap me – but I don’t think it’ll be too sentimental; if anything, the first few are going to be pretty ugly. If you’ve ever played Invizimals, you’ll know why.