So life on the blog has been slow – but here’s an update on the good times that happened over the last year. The last year was slow! I worked on a couple of projects that haven’t shipped yet or that went on hold. My freelance writing slowed down because, well, a lot of reasons, plus I was tired and lazy. Anyway! Let’s go to the highlights:

- I started a monthly column with Polygon. You can browse them here. The one about stressful games was my favorite.

- I continued my Unwinnable column about playing games with my kid. To be honest this slowed down a bit, as I ran out of things to say and lost momentum wiht all of my writing.

I wrote for a few game projects. This was a mixed bag, lots of fits and starts. For the first half of the year, I was working on a big project that went on hold and may not come back. I’m also working on a game of my own for Choice of Games. It’ll be a near-future romantic comedy, and it’s … half done? Yeah, let’s say half. Turns out that I don’t work as well when I’m totally by myself and have no hard deadlines. The days when I was cranking out hundreds of location clues for Carmen Sandiego for Facebook feel like a long, long time ago.

In games that shipped, I wrote the script for the Mark of the Ninja Special Edition DLC, and if you liked Ninja and haven’t checked this out yet, I think you’ll be pleased; not only do you get one more big level, but all of the members of the team contributed commentary, and it’s fascinating, frank stuff.

I wrote a guest script for Reactive Studio’s radio drama game Codename Cygnus. This was a fun project: Sarah Elmaleh and Logan Cunningham do voices, and Shannon Daly’s sound effects are amazing. Kudos to Jonathon Myers for starting up the project and the company behind it and cranking out so much content this year.

In the new year, I have … few plans. Gotta finish that ChoiceScript game. I’m keeping an eye out for new projects, and forcing myself to write more fiction. But let’s not mince words, last year was a slump. There were a few wins and some work I’m very proud of, but the momentum that I’ve kept up the last few years has definitely broken. Part of that was that I pinned my hopes on writing for the industry instead of about it. It’s definitely easier to write for newspapers every other week than to pour hours into one big project and then watch it go poof. In other news, I’ve also switched day jobs, and after years of taking jobs that left me plenty of time for writing, I’m now in a more demanding management position at a more exciting digital agency. I love the job, but I’ve lost that much more free time.

Anyway! It’s a new year, so we’ll see what happens.

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